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Academic success is different for each student. On any given day, you encounter students who are struggling to make it to graduation, students who need more flexibility, or students who want to earn their GED®. Meeting a broad range of academic abilities and goals in one classroom can be overwhelming, but there is a solution.

With EdOptions Stars Suite®, students can have the flexibility they need to connect with teachers and curriculum and to grow the skills necessary to succeed. Stars Suite® is a comprehensive, Web-based solution featuring adaptive technology and a rigorous curriculum designed to help middle school, high school, and adult learners reach their academic goals. We believe teachers play the most important role in the learning process, and we provide the best tools to strengthen the student-teacher relationship. With the Stars Suite® of programs, you can give your students more options to succeed in the classroom and beyond.


Our rigorous courses are created using a stringent, research-based development process that starts with a review of state academic standards to determine required learning outcomes.

Designed by a team of highly qualified educators, Stars Suite features assessments, engaging lessons, activities, and exams that are based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, ensuring that students employ all levels of critical thinking. The curriculum is regularly updated to meet state and national standards.

Individualized skills-based assessment and remediation program designed to prepare students for high-stakes exams in math and language arts.

Foundational skills assessment and practice targeted at middle/ early high school learners to bridge the education gap and to increase readiness for high school-level courses.

Preparation program designed to raise students’ ability levels in order to achieve mastery of skills needed to pass the GED® exam.


Language Arts

  • (1 credit) Provides the student with a selection of the world's best and most well-known literature.

  • (1 credit) A new edition of English Literature/English. It provides a comprehensive look at the evolution of British literature from the Anglo-Saxon period through the Modern Age.

  • (1 credit) Studies British literature in order of the historical time periods and shows the influence of cultural and historical change on the authors’ themes.

  • (1 credit) Surveys American authors and the historical development of literature in America.

  • (1 credit) Focuses on using personal experiences, opinions, and interests as a foundation for writing. Skills acquired in English I are reinforced and polished.

  • (1 credit) Introduces the elements of writing demonstrated in poems, short stories, plays, and essays.

  • Extends the skills developed in English 7 through detailed study of parts of sentences and paragraphs to understand their importance to good writing.

  • Integrates the study of writing and literature through the examination of a variety of genres.

  • (1 credit) Provides middle school students a strong foundation in grammar and the writing process.


  • (1 credit) Precalculus is a full-credit course that builds on algebraic concepts to prepare students for calculus.

  • (1 credit) Extends the algebraic functions learned in Algebra I by bringing in concepts of linear, quadratic, and simultaneous equations; laws of exponents; progression; binomial theorems; and log

  • (1 credit) A comprehensive examination of geometric concepts designed to increase student understanding over time. Each lesson provides thorough explanations and builds on prior lessons.

  • (1 credit) Covers the material of the second semester of Algebra I over a full year (or a 32-lesson) time frame.

  • (1 credit) Covers the material of the first semester of Algebra I over a full year (or a 35-lesson) time frame.

  • (1 credit) Represents a comprehensive study of all of the concepts of Algebra I required to meet state academic standards.

  • (1 credit) This course provides an introduction to the concepts of Algebra I and Geometry.

  • (1 credit) Sharpens students’ arithmetic skills and illustrates abstract concepts by introducing linear equations, number patterns, the order of operations, linear inequalities, fractions, exponen

  • (1 credit) Builds on material learned in earlier grades, including fractions, decimals, and percentages and introduces students to concepts students will continue to use throughout their study of

  • (1 credit) Explores basic math concepts and their applications. Students will increase their skill with decimals, fractions, percents, and ratios.


  • (1 credit) Introduces students to the physics of motion, properties of matter, force, heat, vector, light, and sound.

  • (1 credit) Covers chemical theory, descriptive chemistry, and the changes in matter and its properties.

  • (1 credit) The 2010 version of high school Biology comprises units on ecology, cells, genetics, diversity of life, and human physiology.

  • (1 credit) Surveys basic physical sciences such as geology, biology, meteorology, oceanography, astronomy, botany, and physics and their impact on the earth and its processes.

  • (1 credit) The new edition eliminates the need for a separate textbook and provides numerous improvements over version one.

  • (1 credit) Presents a detailed introduction to life sciences, including ecology and the environment, the basics of the cell, the theory of evolution, kingdoms of life (and viruses), and the human

  • (1 credit) Surveys basic physical sciences such as geology, biology, meteorology, oceanography, astronomy, botany, and physics and their impact on the earth and its processes.

Social Sciences

  • (½ credit) Provides and overview of the operation and development of federal, state, county and city governments.

  • (1 credit) Introduces students to a comprehensive survey of the operation and development of federal, state, county and city governments.

  • (1 credit) Examines the founding and development of the United States from the start of European exploration and settling of the original colonies to how they grew and became a powerful united nat

  • (1 credit) This year-long course follows human history from the Renaissance at the end of the Middle Ages until the present day.

  • (½ credit) This semester-long course follows human history from the end of the French Revolution until the present day.

  • (½ credit) In this semester-long course, students study human events from the first use of agriculture 15,000 years ago through the end of the French Revolution in 1815.

  • (1 credit) Provides a thorough overview of the world’s history from pre-historic times to the present.

  • (1 credit) An engaging, standards-based course offering students an in-depth, but easily understood, view of the human experience from the earliest civilizations through the Age of Enlightenment.

World Languages

  • (1 credit) Students are taken beyond the introduction to the Spanish language and culture found in Spanish I and their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary extended.

  • (1 credit) This initial entry in a planned program of multi-levels of languages, introduces a wide variety of new instructional features to our system.

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