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StarsSuite prevents "domino effect" at Southern Arizona High School Read More
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The EdOptions Online Academy; a completely virtual learning option from a fully accredited online high school. Read More
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With Stars Suite you don’t have to choose. Online courses that effectively and affordably develop successful 21st century learners. Read More
Real stories about real success.
Stars Suite boosts Baltimore student scores, graduation rates Read More
Real stories about real success.
Stars Suite is “lifesaver” for award-winning Illinois program Read More


From the student needing enrichment and a greater academic challenge, to the at-risk student needing to recover credits to graduate, and to every student in between, our courses deliver an effective and cost-effective online solution for all of your learners.

With Stars Suite and the EdOptions Online Academy, you can increase student achievement while providing teachers with the resources they need to succeed. Not only are our solutions cost-effective, but you’ll discover that they’re also easy to implement, manage, and use, meaning your teachers spend more time teaching, and your students spend more time learning.

Every year more than 1,200 school systems renew their partnerships with us, consistently citing results, customer service, and cost as their reasons.

Find out about how Educational Options’ Stars Suite and EdOptions Online Academy help administrators grow their school's success. Visit our products page or feel free to contact us.

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